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Recovery as a fundamental part of cycling

Recovery as a fundamental part of cycling

In sports, the phrase ``Recovery is the most important part of training´´ is often repeated, and this section of sport is often neglected and is of vital importance for progression, well-being and even the enjoyment of any sport. . In cycling in particular, the field of recovery is fundamental and many times we forget that when we get off the bike we still should not finish our session, or we do not know how to carry it out in the best way, for this from Quino Bike Here are some methods to help you improve: -Sleep: it is the most important and easy to care for. It is impossible to perform properly without getting enough sleep and properly, avoid alcohol and the use of electronic screens just before bedtime. -Nutrition: along with sleep is the most important. We must give our body sufficient energy and protein intake as well as an amount of water that allows us to recover all the liquid lost during the sessions. -Massages: this method is recommended at times of great muscular overload and in periods of high session load or when recovery is urgent from one day to the next. It is always better to carry it out on rest days than right after the exercise. -Stretching and self-care: it is better to dedicate 20-30 min sessions one or two days than to stretch every day, in addition it is always advisable not to do it immediately after the session but a few hours later. Self-massages and the use of unloading tools are perfect and have been shown to significantly reduce muscle pain. -Cold techniques: although the use of cold has its positive and negative points, it can be a useful technique at many times. In no case is it recommended just after a high-density training as this would lead to loss of adaptations, however, it can be very useful on days of rest or low load or when rapid recovery is a priority in order to return to the bike that day. same day or the next. The ideal is sessions of between 10 and 15 min.

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